November 29, 2017
By uknowme BRONZE, Lumberton, New Jersey
uknowme BRONZE, Lumberton, New Jersey
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Look down the stream
Water gushing back and forth
Peace and tranquility
Are the thoughts that come to mind
Another thought comes across, “should I jump in?”
I stay where I am, sitting on the grass

Not too far down from beaver creek lies a mill
Rather famous actually but I enjoy the creek better
A nice breeze along the water
I feel at ease, and lose track of time

The calm of the water is all that matters
Bright blue and nothing less is the color of the water
Splash, splash, is the noise I hear
I see a few fish, here and there

I wonder how long the creek has been here
Few hundred no maybe a few thousand years maybe
The numbers aren’t what matters, it’s the water
And how many people before me would sit right where I am
To watch the water flow

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