The Mind of a Teenager

November 28, 2017

Your opinion doesn't matter
You get leftout and become sadder
Waking up everyday is a ladder
So hard to climb
I don't want to waste my time
I really am losing my mind
No one really cares they don't mind
Not invited to parties
To my class I am tardy
The glass is half empty
I am a pessimist
No one knows this
I hide with a smile
While my phone I use to dial
Someone for help
They don't pick up
I just want to yelp
I'm on the verge
If I disappear the lies emerge
On how I was so beloved
When none of my friends
Truly knew who I was
So this is a letter to you
These words can't be misconstrued
Just know that you may see
Someone just like me
Reach out a hand
Tell them that you understand
Before it's too late
So this is a word from a pessimist
Don't let go of something
You truly know you'll miss

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