Love Speaks

November 28, 2017
By Hjskiko BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Hjskiko BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Love comes in many different forms and sizes
Affection being found near and far
Being cherished in everything and everyone
Love finds a way to squeeze in every crack and crevice

Love comes in and out lives
Making a bigger impact on some than others
Love can build a relationship very strong
Or break ties between the inseparable
Love always wins

Love comes around sneaking into corners and opening smiles
Bringing strangers to harmony
And enemies to regret
Love whispers in an angelical voice
Reminding you

Love comes to save those alone and in need
Squeezing them tight and never letting go
Until they have learned to love themselves
Love makes the impossible possible
Love sings and dances for our happiness and joy

Love comes to find you, even when you push it away
Because love
Not even in the darkest of days
So let love come to you
And love you will have

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