November 28, 2017
By Anonymous

I have a lot of friends, a lot to cherish.

yet lonely feelings in my heart i cannot extinguish.

I don't know why i'm empty

despite most of the time i'm happy

life's easy, some say hard.

to others its unbearable, 

for me? its just passable.


i open my eyes,

i know what to do.

routine of everyday life,

i have already mastered.

is it wrong to yearn for more?

for me to be looking for something i unknowingly desire?

or is it my wishful thinking,

that there is to come to liven up my life?


Doubts fill my head

as the sun passes the horizons.

The stars already became visible

yet the answer is still nowhere to be found.

what is it that's missing?

what is it that makes me restless?

Is it because i hope there will be

or that i already gave up on it?


am i meant to chase

for something beyond what is given to me?

or to change my point of view 

and live my life as it is?

The author's comments:

this poem is something that explains what i feel at the moment. the thoughts that fill my head when i think of something to write about.

through writing this, i was able to somehow get it off my mind. 

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