November 9, 2017
By lasombra SILVER, Indian Land, South Carolina
lasombra SILVER, Indian Land, South Carolina
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"helping one person doesnt change the world, but for that one person, the world changes." - unknown

I will never understand

Those men, who

Treat women as objects

I will never forgive those

Who treat anyone

As less than human.


We all deserve respect,

Until there is a reason

To disrespect.

Any man, or person

That treats another

As less than human,

As an object,

As property...

I do not care what you wear!

If you want to feel beautiful,

Wear beautiful clothes!

I do not care what you look like,

You deserve to be you.

Do not, ever, let them

call you any,

ANY, derogatory term.

Because they are angry!

They are jealous!

They are envious!

And they are blind,

Blind to your beauty,

Blind to your mind,

Blind to your hardships.

Because you ARE beautiful,

In mind, body, and spirit,

You go through a lot,

But don’t forget…

Others do too.

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