New York City

November 9, 2017
By loveme684 BRONZE, Coplay, Pennsylvania
loveme684 BRONZE, Coplay, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Life is not about what you do its about how you spend it

You're so loud and dangerous
But you're so beautiful and free
When I want to walk i can

You have a lot of homeless
But these homeless can get a lot
Of food for there are shelters so big
And lively

You are so big and scary
But your scariness is only
There in the dark of night
So don't break it down for
It is like the explosions on 1000

They walk in you and all over you
And act like they're better than everyone
But they are the heart and soul of the big
Apple as the moon is to the sun

You have such little jobs
But you got alot of people who would
Help through anything 

You are the place where people
Love and care for eachother
Where dreams come alive
Where you can go and just be happy

The author's comments:

Tribute to NYC 

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