Pineapple Necklace

November 17, 2017
By Elliana Branchesi BRONZE, Vernon, Connecticut
Elliana Branchesi BRONZE, Vernon, Connecticut
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I am an object so small,
You probably wouldn’t notice me.
I may be simple to you--
but you’re not her.

You’d call her crazy
that she found happiness
in an object and not you.
A feeling that you never gave her,
that she never knew.

So instead, she sits.
Running her fingers
over my small, metal surface.
holding on a little longer,
scared that I’ll go away--
Just like he did.

My flat surface fits perfectly
between her thumb and pointer finger.
The tiny holes make it seem
a little more real.
But no matter what

it’s all still a dream to her.

My unclasped chain, are like his hands,
that pulled away for good.
The connection used to be so strong,

But now I’m broken and unwearable

I do not hang from her neck.

But she still keeps me.

The author's comments:

When I was just two years old, my uncle passed away. I never got to have a very long relationship with him, but it was enough. He treated me like his own, and everyone says that I remind them of him. Even though I was young when he passed, I feel some kind of connection to him.

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