How to Tell if You Are Real

November 16, 2017

If you have;
Hair that tangles in the mangled air,
A mind that implodes every five minutes from constant thinking,

Eyes that sting because you hold back your tears,
A nose that inhales the raw scent of the world eating you away,

Ears that itch to hear the truth instead of blatant lies,
Lips that lie to ease your heart’s bleeding,

Teeth that chatter to block out the sound of everyone else’s world,
Jaws that clench so hard they give you a headache,

A neck that strains to find the potential they say you have,
Shoulders that carry the weight of your world,

A chest that heaves because you stop breathing when you cry,
A heart that bleeds for every lie your lips tell,

Arms that swing by your side, your only loyal followers,
Hands that fidget when you are bored, tired, hungry or nervous,
A stomach that swallows its hunger when it sees a scale,

Hips that sway to the music of your chattering teeth and imploding mind,
Legs that dance away from the weight of everyone else’s expectations,

Feet that pound in an effort to break free from the rules,
Toes that long to live in a world less constraining,
Or a soul that breathes words,

If you have one of these,
Then you, sure as hell, are real.

The author's comments:

My name is Gwendolyn and I was inspired by a book called I Crawl Through It

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