The Past Would Like to Thank You

November 20, 2017
By TaxiLion SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
TaxiLion SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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The old is gone
And the new is here
Or so it seems
But I'm still near

I ‘ve seen it all
The struggles and the triumphs
The new and the old
But especially you

You have changed profoundly
Because of others
Because of how they view you
And because you care

Don't think about others
They don't care about you
They don't care what you wear
Or what you say

They're only focused on themselves
The narcissists of a society
Don't care about you
They only care about their reflection
In the shattered mirror of reality

The shards of what was here
Are now lost in the attic of time
A now dusty window
Into the past

But nevermind that
For you only care about now
The new and improved
Not worried about the future

But what you don't know
Is that your future will be spectacular
Only if you don't worry
And live life to its fullest

So don't think about others opinions
And just live your life
Because sometime in the near future
You will meet me
And I will thank you

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