The World I used to know

October 30, 2017
By Anonymous

My fingers grazed one beautiful flower and the petals turned to ash, the stem rotted into a black wisp, and the roots shriveled away. The grass around the dead flower decayed into yellow nothingness. Flowers died all around. The dirt turned grey like ash. A near-bye tree rotted from the inside out, poison dripping from its leaves. Roots shrinking. Bark rotting. Leaves falling. Venom spreading. A stream close by dripped its last drop. Birds dropped from clouded sky. Squirrels died along with the trees that they scurried upon. Little mice got thirsty and drank the pools of poison on the ground. Broken rocks dug into the hooves of the deer that tried to escape. All innocent and pure things died by my one touch. Wicked minds drank the poison as if it were fine wine, fingers poised with formality. Their already-rotting minds were immune to the venom they sipped. With hollow laughs, their eyes scanned the hollowing world beyond them. The land wasted away below their noses. And I sat in a black corner. Hiding in the shadows. My body rocking forward, backward, then repeating. My lips whispered quiet goodbyes. Goodbye to the Sun. Goodbye to Laughter. Goodbye to Smiles. Goodbye to the Good. Goodbye to Warm Rains I used to Dance in.
Goodbye to the World I used to Know.

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