Don't be Too Late

October 30, 2017
By AshleyNicolePridgen BRONZE, Stella, North Carolina
AshleyNicolePridgen BRONZE, Stella, North Carolina
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I have hung on

So tight

For so long.

Knowing something is still there.

Praying that you would finally

Give in to what I know

In your heart

You really want.

I know that that day will come,

But I don't know if it will be 

Too Late.

You see, a person can only take

So much hurt before they

Let go.

That will be the day that you realize

What you gave up.

You will realize how much you truly

Care about me.

You will try to play it off.

Try to ignore the hurt.

You will start talking to other girls

Trying to fill that void.

And they will...

Until you realize that she doesn't smile like I do.

Or that her eyes are not the same color or shape as mine.

Or that she doesn't have my accent when she talks.

And that her laugh is not like mine.

You will desperately try to find

Just one thing

About her

That reminds you

Of me.

You will resent her for not being me

But will hate her when you find any resemblance...

Because in that moment,

You're reminded of how badly 

You want me

To be there.

How badly

You want me

To be the one staring back at you.

But I am not.

At night,

You will stare into the darkness.

Not able to close your eyes without seeing

My face.

When you are finally able to fall asleep,

You will dream of me.

Only to awake to the painful realization that

Those dreams are not real...

But the hurt couldn't be anymore.

I will not be there

And it will take everything in you

To stop yourself from picking up the phone

And dialing my number.

But you won't.

Hearing my voice would break you.

You will be driving down the road

Flipping through radio stations 

Trying to find a song that doesn't 

Remind you of me.

But then it happens...

The opening notes of

Our song

Start playing.

The painful memory of

Our first dance

Floods back into you mind.

You will want to forget me.

But you can't.

You will be talking with people

Who will suddenly ask if you know

How I have been doing

Or if you have seen me lately.

But you won't be able to give a real answer.

You will have to leave the conversation at the mention of

My name

To keep from loosing it.

You can delete all the pictures...

Remove all the songs from your playlist...

Try to forget all the years of memories...

You can try to move on,

But you will look for me in everyone you meet.

You will always wonder what

Our life

Would have been like.

You mean more to me

Than words will ever describe.

So I only hope and pray

That you realize how

Real and Rare

We are...

Before it's 

Too Late.

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