I want to stay

November 13, 2017
By CaitlinG00 BRONZE, Watkinsville, Georgia
CaitlinG00 BRONZE, Watkinsville, Georgia
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I want to stay, mom 

But what can I say 

It was just a party, mom

And it was fun, but I didn't want to stay 

I was driving home,mom 

Only a block away, and everything was hush 

That's when a flash of light hit me, mom 

Now I feel like drowning, it was just a rush 

Cutting myself with every touch from the ground, mom 

More lights come on and more faces appear 

Screaming, crying, yelling and sierns all around me, mom 

But it is your voice that I want to hear 

the cold bed gives me chills, where are you, mom 

Seconds feel like hours and I can see someone coming near

The tears rolling doen your face, I'm glad you're here, mom

I feel you shaking, the tremple in your voice

Please stay, do not let me go, mom

Don't be sad that you let me go to the party, it was my choice 

I always loved being told I looked like you, mom

Your strength and the love you gave to everyone 

I always wanted to grow up to be like you, mom

The guy who did this knows what he has done

I knew him, he was in my math class, mom

Will I make it, will I get to see my father 

I want to stay, mom

I don't even remember the last time I saw my brothers 

Please tell me I'm not seeing my end, mom

The man I pray to, cry to, and confess too

I knew I was going to see him but not now, mom

Will I be looking over you is it that soon 

I always heard a mother should never bury their child, mom

I'm sorry but put on my grave "Mamas girl"

This can't be the end I had so much to live for, mom

Please help me, my head is going into a swirl

Give me strength, give me something, mom 

What's going on I feel this shock going through me 

Why can I see you stand there when I'm in the other room, mom

Pray, pray for me, I can't go like this it can't be 

How long has it been, mom 

I see all my family and friends waiting to see

Shake me, do something to wake me up, mom

I'm right here, right in front of you look at me 

I hear you, speaking to me, keep talking, mom

Tell dad I'll always be his little girl 

I'm going to fight this, mom

I want to be able to dance with dad and give me twirls 

I'm trying so hard to wake up, mom

I need something I don't want to leave now 

I wish I could say something to you, mom

So many people came it's turning into a crowd

When I open my eyes all I want to see is you, mom

As I see the light I didn't know what I was doing 

" I want to stay, mom" 

I guess God had a plan for me to keep going

The author's comments:

So many people don't realize what drinking and driving does to a person a family, one mistake and all their dreams, hopes, and life could be taken away. I'm extremely close to my mother and I always want to make her proud. Think before drink. 

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