The Moon as A God

November 12, 2017
By Brycen Redmond Redmond BRONZE, West Columbia, South Carolina
Brycen Redmond Redmond BRONZE, West Columbia, South Carolina
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You know, I really thought that I would be alright
Before I knew about religion
Now I cannot understand
Why is everyone so desolate
What is missing
Although I know
I really do
They say we are ruled, by a manlike thing of gold and purple
They call him king, a lord, a deity
Supposedly knowing makes them strong
That is the only reason they tell me what they do
They don’t recognize that we are by ourselves
It is that easy to realize.
But I need something
To preserve me
Please, give me something
You sit there and watch me, moon
You know what I need
And something about being so isolated doesn’t seem right
But I still have not found it
Your silver face tells me that you will not let me know until I do
Though you speak nothing to me

How long have you watched me?
All my life, that’s the answer, I should know
When have you ever not been there?
Well, you go dark occasionally
But that is alright
You take time, because you need to understand
Why we do what we do beneath you
I feel warmed by your silvered light, even though
Others retreat, shaken by your domain
I feel comforted.
I cannot tell what it is, but I am content no matter that.

It has been so long
And you have gone nowhere
I see your sterling ridges, and valleys
You are rough
Why are you so stalwart
Consigned so thoroughly to being so far away?
You were always like that
We are similar in that respect

But I am so, so restless, even in your light
So please, guide me to know
How potent is your light, that perhaps it could imbue me with some satisfaction?
Could it do that?
Please, I need to hear that it can
I cannot wait any longer

You haven’t done anything for me.
I feel so, so betrayed
Know that I do
Because I have to accept it
It hurts, so very badly,
And where typically I have found healing beneath your gilded touch
You give me nothing now
Now, when I need it most
You turn away
Your surface doesn’t conform to what you are telling me

Look at me!
Stop ignoring what must be addressed!
Where does this come from, this feeling within me?
What can it mean?
Please, I need to be released
So many questions, and only light in return
Tell me you don’t want this too.

I have found the answer
You, the god who is silvered
Were never there to help us
This makes sense
This I can understand
I feel so alone
Because you are what they mentioned to me
You are what I was taught was always there
They believed that it was a person, something like us
“So god created mankind in his own image…”
No, man made god like him.
But you are not like me.
You have iron and steel and silver skin, that
Never has been broken open
And inside it is everything I have ever felt,
Ever needed
And everything that those who came before me were missing.
I believe that your texture,
And your color,
Which are so far apart from my own
Are those that adorn god realistically.
You are him, and you leave us so miserable
By ourselves
Because you are simply too far away
A distance of 238,900 miles approximately
This is why you do not help me.
This is can understand.
Of this I can be accepting.
Please let me be correct.

The author's comments:

Please let me be right.

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