Human Machines

November 11, 2017
By Staleisha BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
Staleisha BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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Humans bow down before your creators
Meet your makers
Humans bow down before your destroyers
Meet your breakers
Watch as society collapses at your fingertips
One judgement
One message
One touch
Watch as your very life source of today consumes you
One app
One video
One picture
Watch as our evolution is no longer on instincts or survival
Technology is our evolution
Built up from our human innovation
We are now the machines
Building upon the technology we believe is humanity
Bright lights behind glass screens
The light that was once in our eyes
Now in their screens
It’s what we feed on now rather than cuisine
Like moths drawn to the brightest light
Tricked by its misleading beauty
But even their wings are demolished by the lies of the white light
We are now the machines
Watch as our civilization is tainted
This game show we call beauty, manipulating our addictions and obsessions in warped figures that others will enjoy then throw away for the next contestant
Breaking the trees, building homes that will house machines and their pet trees kept in small pots until they too break, only to be replaced by a picture behind the bright lights and glass screens
Gossip that spreads like a virus amongst the broken machines, wishing for the eavesdropper to find the words of glue and mend them back together even if it means the downfall of another unstable machine
We are now the machines
Watch as our religion changes
Worshiping technology that gives us what we believe to be the information of the universe
Instead of our ancient gods
We are now the machines
We worry more about the screens that hold bright lights being broken and dysfunctional
Than we do our shattered reflections
Instead of our generation being know for our great literature
We will be remembered by a picture
That can be erased with a single finger
That can be lost in the next power surge
That can be lost in our world's history for not being important enough
We measure our likeability through how many likes we get
We measure our beauty on what others believe about our digital pictures
We speak to each other through code
Instead of normal human interactions
But what is normal anymore in this world ruled by technology
We are now the machines
Your popularity is based on friend that you don’t know
Your beauty is based off a photoshopped picture that people command you to make
Your conversations are based off pictures and slang
Not your close relationships
Not your natural beauty made entirely yours
Not the deep conversations that will explain what is normal
We are now the machines
We are prisoners locked on our screens
Called freaks for enjoying the natural earth unaware of the digital
Considered fools for not being another code written in our humanity
And we realize why disastrous storms are given the names of humans
No longer should the hurricane be named for the human destruction
But for the technology that created the destruction
We are now the machines
Flap Flap Flap
We hear the birds wings call
But no longer
Tap Tap Tap
We hear our fingers mindless clockwork
But I refuse to be another vessel
Mindlessly traveling through this world of life, being told what to do and when to do it, how to act and behave, how to be another programmed robot amongst all the others to afraid to go against their creators just like them and become human
Are we not after all only human machines?
Ment to bow down to our evolutionary technology?
Our believed humanity in a world controlled by robots
We are now the machines

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