November 10, 2017
By tyleroconnell BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
tyleroconnell BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
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i wish i believed in life after death
in a hereafter in heaven in nirvana
waiting on improbable swathes of clouds
painless problemless lifeless nothingness
human essence gathered and blown around by ceiling fans
spending an eternity an infinity of blissful ignorance
and i wish i believed in reckoning in consequences
for catcallers and rapists and abusers and killers
thrown down the rabbit hole to nuclear wonderland
to feel their pain suffer what they do
eaten by flames of a too close sunset
but that's unrealistic and what sounds about right
is an abyss for souls a dump for mankind
a vast emptiness shared by everyone everything
a catch-all cure-all winner-take-all
great stew of individuality simmering on the middle burner.

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thoughts on what happens after

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