A First Time Flyer

November 6, 2017
By JustineMarissa BRONZE, Santa Paula, California
JustineMarissa BRONZE, Santa Paula, California
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Never compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20

The tales of heart told, strung us together

Though a Raven had cut our strings

You were tied to another

The bull had a clever view of your target
Yet i was the one running towards red
You held it in front of me

Just when i think my turn is near
The joker’s sin fills your house
While i am left a hallow quinn

Back in the darken corners
As i watched you seep into the abyss
A place i know all too well

The person i once knew to be blue
Had been washed with villainy
Becoming a neurotic slave to tone deaf siren

But the tunes of withering lights
Had broken you from captivity
Allowing rescue and security

Hidden secrets on both parties escaped
After two years of buried love
The casket had been lifted

Within time i felt ecstasy bloom
But this rose had lost her high
When you cut my steam and left me to rot

My dove flew back home
But our love span mimics our lives
Not for long

The first time you broke my heart
Would not be the last as the cycle continues
You flew home only to leave once again

The author's comments:

Just a glimpse at what my poetry book will be. Coming winter 2018

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