Special Place in my heart

November 6, 2017
By AlexisSan99 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
AlexisSan99 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Music is a powerful art that your mind can channel into something truly magical." - Liam Seagrave

You were scared and angry when we first met
like a bull seeing red
You were confused like a
penguin in the North Pole instead of the South Pole
You were sad and always had your head down
like a weeping willow

You are my Watson to Sherlock
You are my bread and butter
You are the reason I get up so early
like a sunrise in Daylight Savings Time

Every time I see you,
my heart swells with love
I've known you for only a while
but you've become my best friend on the first day

Whenever I'm sad, you wipe my tears away
When I'm happy, you jump and dance with me
like jumping beans
You wait for me when I come home
like an excited teen when their parents have food
You're sad when I leave
You think I'm never coming back
like a scared little child who got lost in the store
But I always come back to you
just like a boomerang

You sleep in my bed
You invade my space when I'm busy
And you steal my pillows and socks
But that's what makes you, you

I know you love me
When you look at me
I never see the fear from before
You tilt your head
You give me winks
Your brown eyes bore into me
like a hawk
You smile when I talk
and you always listen
Your eyes are my eyes
to watch and protect us
like a security guard

You're my best friend
My hot chocolate in the winter
My peanut butter to my jelly
You have a special place in my heart
I'll protect you and love you
And it's true what they say
DOG spelled backward is GOD

The author's comments:

Inspired by: Litany

Dedicated my Maybel, my dog

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