October 29, 2017
By malgirl SILVER, Morrow, Ohio
malgirl SILVER, Morrow, Ohio
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The golden light surrounding

an entity of great power

whom rides the wings of eternity

and decides fate within the hour.


Whose morals may be faulty,

yet whose heart is that of gold,

the angel flies above his son

remembering times of old.


Heavenly gates shut firmly,

and he tumbled down to earth,

for women were his downfall,

the reason for his sons birth.


Many years later,

he made one final attempt

to get back into heaven,

to forget God's own contempt. 


He couldn't make it back there

he fell once more in scorn

disgusted at both himself

and the fact that his son was ever born.


Now he rules the humans,

with warmth yet iron fist

but never shall he forget,

heaven as his last wish. 

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