October 29, 2017
By GuadalupeAcosta BRONZE, Austin Tx, Texas
GuadalupeAcosta BRONZE, Austin Tx, Texas
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They say it should never
Come, but why does it
Show up every day.

It is not a goodbye but
A see you later…
They say.


It could be the
Best thing to say


The most cruel
Word ever spoken.

Some never want to hear it,
Others are glad.

It feels as if you are being
Ripped apart ,losing
Yourself and going off
Of the path you've been walking.

But this makes you
Starts a new path
That you could have
Never imagined

The last runner
In the race.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this poem was that evryone has their own perspective on saying goodbye. I wanted to show people those other perspectives. 

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