The Mask

October 25, 2017
By Julia Bowers BRONZE, MEDFORD, Oregon
Julia Bowers BRONZE, MEDFORD, Oregon
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I try to be happy,
Free of sorrow.
But it's always lurking,
Waiting for that one second that the mask slips,
So it can reveal itself.
It takes one second,
One glimpse of time,
That I let my guard go down.
And once that mask is ripped off,
The one that I was trying so hard to keep on
Is ripped off,
It's almost impossible to find and put back on again.
So I will wait,
For 8 hours of silence,
For another mask to grow in place of the old one,
So I can put it back on again,
And fake a smile that everyone so desperately wants.
Even though deep inside,
Under all of the layers that I have covered it with,
The evil is still lurking,
For that second,
That tiny bit of time,
That I forget about the mask and what it is holding in.

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