Kaz Brekker

October 7, 2017
By Remir BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Remir BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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In this red book of mine, lives a character,
A character whom is human, but not entirely,
A character whose voice is gruff as gravel,
Whose clothes are coated with past bloods
Whom some say is a demijin
Whom some claim he desires the Wraith


It is hard for you to insist you’ve been through hell,
Whenever he comes around with his crow cane, with nothing to tell.
Be prepared to ask, “What business?” as a greeting,
And to end with “no mourners” and “no funerals” as you are leaving


As he destroys this city, “brick by brick”,
You better not get in his way
Cause the “B***ard of the Barrel”
Is here to stay.

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