Why me

October 6, 2017
By Tsalyers24 SILVER, Holiday , Florida
Tsalyers24 SILVER, Holiday , Florida
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Too weird to live , Too rare to die

 She thinks to herself why me , she knows the pain ya'll are going through , she feels like its her own , the amount of guilt she feels is breaking her once golden soul , so why me she ask herself you know she cuts to escape all this pain in the world , ya'll have every right to be sad , you were never there for her , god I wish I could of I wish I could of held her just a little bit longer , maybe cried with her a little bit , but most of all I wish I could of told her how I felt about her every single day , so know I ask myself this same question why me , why  did this have to happen to me , she's now gone forever , she's the only one that ever understood me , now you know the story of why me .. 

The author's comments:

 I wanted to dedicate this poem to all the broken girls out in this cruel world , keep them crowns raised , no matter what task lies ahead just know you'll always be a queen in my book  and try to stay strong because people love you . Self harm means alot to me I I've had too many friends leave me because people have down them so wrong . So please think twicew before hurting someone they might not be around after .

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