Dear 'Dad'

November 6, 2017
By Laramie.B. SILVER, Egerton, Wyoming
Laramie.B. SILVER, Egerton, Wyoming
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Dear ‘Dad’


Dear ‘Dad’ I hate you.

How could you?

How could you leave me this way?

This red-hot angry inside me is controlling.

I hate you because I can’t remember you.

I hate you because you helped bring me into this world then left.

I don’t wanna live ‘Dad’ but I inhale each breath for mom.

I pretend to be okay for mom. 

I love her.

I try to not act like the girl with ‘daddy issues’.

Don’t want the world to judge me because of my past.

don’t want everyone to know I was never enough.

I hate you because you weren’t there to hold me when I cried.

You broke me ‘Dad’.

I hate you because I can’t blame you.

I hate you because I still love you.

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