Contorted Perception

November 4, 2017
By FrannyFran BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
FrannyFran BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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"I know how strong the average human has to be"

It has been cold for a long time,
And it had made me numb.
Everything looked the same,
On long sheet of blank,
Gray White snow.
The only change was the mountains in the distance.
They grew closer and closer,
But every so slowly.
The change was so small.
The snow slowed me more,
Lot’s of times I over think small things,
I make these a sheet of ice I’m standing on top off.
I feel like the ice is going to crack,
And I’ll sink below the surface of the deep dark waters,
The creatures beneath the situations I’m in.
They change depending on how I think the small things I’ve done will affect the situation.
The creature's teeth will change from innocent looking to sharp, jagged edges.
There eyes will turn to red, beady looking at me.
They’ll turn from small to large,
With shaper fins,
And bigger tails,
Searching for a way to kill.
And I think that I’ll fail in my attempt to swim,
I’ll drown,
I won’t be able to get back up again.
Despite these things not mattering in the long run,
Despite that I always come out unscratched,
Despite always seeing the best in people,
I worry since they’re only human.
And the creatures are just twisted versions of the people I love,
And care about,
Not forgiving me for my mistakes,
Changing the way they see me,
Having awkward tensions with me.
Just people with sharper teeth,
And scarier eyes,
Ready to jump,
Waiting for the opportunity.
An opportunity that will never be taken,
Because The people I know care about me,
Aren’t like the creatures in my mind.
The creatures the world has taught me to be so aware of,
To look out for when I take a dip in the water,
I know these people.
I know their characteristics,
That they are all good.
So now the only challenge is breaking the ice,
That’s stopping me from diving deep,
Right on in.

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