explaining my race to the president

October 13, 2017
By LuisSaavedra BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
LuisSaavedra BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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The president says that mexicans are criminals and are bringing drugs and rapist into

America. He imagines that he will make America great again, getting rid
Of us from this society. He says “we will get rid of every immigrant from this country”

I say, that being a mexican is a gift. We have to wake up to a country who dislikes us
Everyday and at the end of the day we end up smiling. I say that us mexicans
Are helping this society change, as long as we are working the longer we are
Keeping this place in shape.

He says that he will get rid of every last immigrant and send us back where we came from. He says “we don’t need these people here ruining for what America stands for”.

I say that without us in America, they will lose a load of money by getting rid of millions
Immigrants from the US. He says that we are taking all of the jobs and we aren't letting people get one. I say that we are actually doing something with our lives and getting money to maintain us. I just think that they are too lazy to go out and find one, i see people begging for money and i see people walking around selling fruit, flowers, ice cream. When they can be doing the same but they choose not to
Do it and they would rather beg for money. 

He says we are disrespecting the United States just for kneeing down at a football
Game, but yet he will disrespect us Mexicans and not stand up for what we stand for

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explaining to the president what my race is 

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