It Can Wait

November 3, 2017
By haley_caroline_ SILVER, Greenwood, Arkansas
haley_caroline_ SILVER, Greenwood, Arkansas
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Did you have to text and drive? Oh we would much rather you still be alive. It should be known that texting and driving is not allowed. Oh so late, the message seems to be delievered to us now. It takes us seconds to make a lethal mistake and the consequences turn to be yours to take. Now you've sent your last and final texts. No more words to be said and messages to be sent. Couldn't believe what you gave your life for. A mediocre 'lol' or simple 'okay'. Who knew four letters would be the death of you. Time after time, we preach it again at the realization of the countless cases following in. Our hearts ache and mourn as the coffin takes war. Lowered down, down, down no more texts to be sent now. It's sad how you gave your life for one simple text and are no longer here with us. We ache as we feel our hearts break over what could've been swiftly evaded our hearts in need of great consolation. We take a stand and refuse to back down. Why sit back and drown among the countless names and faces pilling up in the news articles conjoined with their fateful stories. Joining in and with a little teamwork, maybe we can make our dreams work and save some of the heartache and make it aware that we don't text and drive when we go anywhere.

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