How to be successful

October 27, 2017
By Danielk. BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Danielk. BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Over the years I have recieved many messages on how to be successful and happy. One of these being to drop out of high school. I'm just kidding, but some of the most successful people on this planet have dropped out of highschool. A serious one I have learned is to not care what people think about you as it can drag down your mood and if it happens enough make you self-conscious about yourself and make you unhappy about yourself. While this may not make you necessary un-successful, you may not be happy doing what you are doing. Another great one I have heard is to learn to adapt. You may read that and say to yourself, well now why is that important? This is important because at one point in your life something is not going to go the way you want it to, and instead of giving up right then and there, learn to adapt to your failures. Learning to adapt can help a person in multiple ways, but the best example I can think of is a buisness person listening to people's compliments and criticism and learning ways to implement things that people want and don't want out of that buisness. This in return will make people happier and will make the creator happier because more people like his company and he is also enjoying what he is doing.

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