The Voice

She follows you around, constantly.
She tells you you’re not good enough.
She points out every mistake, every wrong thing you do.
She never lets you forget them, either.
But you let her.
Because you know that if she doesn’t hurt you first,
There will be someone else who will
So you sit silent as she tells you you’re not beautiful. 
As she tells you you’re not good enough.
Too fat, too thin, too imperfect,
Too much like yourself.
But you let her.

From an outside point of view it’s obvious this is toxic, but to you, it’s normal.
Because you’ve lived with it your whole life.
The little voice telling you that you’re not good enough, that you should just give up, that you should just give in.
But maybe it’s time we stop letting that voice in our head to push us around.
Tell us who we are, tell us that were not enough.
Because if it's not okay for someone else to do it,
Then why is it okay to let yourself?

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