An Old Friend

October 27, 2017
By Jillian21 BRONZE, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey
Jillian21 BRONZE, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey
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 I hovered on the border

where the waves meet the burning sand
the Ocean, an old friend, greeted me
urging me to venture further

the burning sun was on its way
to submerging itself in the horizon
I pushed forward, longing to feel the icy touch of the sea
embracing all of me
a gentle breeze glided over the glassy blue surface
before colliding with my face,
entangling my hair
a wave galloped towards the shore
toward me, its shadow loomed
the lip of the wave’s snarl approached
threatening to devour me
I dove
the Ocean pulled at my hair
the salty water seeped into my skin, chilling my body

My lungs ached for oxygen,
my heart ached for the Ocean
pushing against the sandy bottom,
I shattered the glassy surface

On the horizon, a full moon spilled onto the water
the sky fading into the sea
told me it was time to return home
my legs brought me into shallow water
once more, the glittering sand greeted me
no longer hot under my feet, but cool.
Over my shoulder, I looked to the ocean
waving goodbye

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