Love that cannot be seen

October 26, 2017
By Njohnson2020 BRONZE, Eastford, Connecticut
Njohnson2020 BRONZE, Eastford, Connecticut
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I used to know a beautiful woman,

Who made my day worth living.

She would always be here waiting,

And her love she would be giving.


I would tell my friends about her, 

Since she was very sweet. 

She seemed like the sort of woman 

My friends would love to meet.


But when I tried to get her out to dinner,

She decided not to stay here

So instead, I invited my friends over,

And then we could all cheer.


At first, when they came over I was confused, 

I showed her to them, and they seemed amused. 

They said that they so no woman there, 

And instead, they just saw air.


I assured them that she was there, 

But they just began to laugh. 

I looked back at her, and she looked at me, 

I said to her “I can see you full, not even just a half”.


They begun to laugh harder, and I still did wonder.

So I asked them, “What’s so funny?”

And they responded “Are you blind? There is no one there!”

Another one chimed in “Your too good, take my money!”


I still didn’t understand what they were talking about,

So they sat me down, appearing to be worried.

They thought that I was a schizophrenic,

And the hospital is where I should hurry.


I didn't understand there problem,

She was with me right here!

Where they joking with me? Were they serious?

But then their voice I begun to hear.


They told me “Imaginary friends are for children,

So go out there and get a real woman.

Trust me you’ll feel better that way,

If you want our help, we are here, man.”


I ordered them out of the house,

It was their time for them to leave.

They left slowly, still showing concern,

And upstairs I went to grieve.


The woman asked me “What’s wrong?

They were just being stupid.”

But it knew in my heart of hearts,

She is the one I should forbid.


She isn’t real, so leave her behind.

Even if she was helping my soul,

In our society that’s wrong,

Even if she does truly make you whole.


I took her downstairs with me,

And she sat on her chair,

I grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter,

And as I walked back over, my lungs were without air.


I used to know a beautiful woman,

She brightened up my life.

But now she is dead, there on the floor,

Her blood is on my knife.


Now I can be more like you,

And forget about true happiness.

Now instead, I can experience your tainted “Love”,

That’s why I am restless.


I was better off before,

having love I could adore.

But now that she is gone,

I can finally be like you: an Automaton.

The author's comments:

I don't like how, in our society, true beauty and true love has been tainted into lust. This poem is about someone who feels the same, so instead of beginning the impossible task of finding someone who will fit them, they decide to make a woman that only he could see. He made this woman to be pure of heart, mind, and soul, and to not be fooled into impossible beauty standards. I hope that people will take away 2 things from this: That we need to stop our impossible standards of beauty, and that people need to stop making fun of others for using their imagination to create love.

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