Estados Unidos (The United States)

October 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Tears stream down my face as I try to remember a simpler time
My mind grasping onto a memory I fear I will soon forget
On the couch, watching some cheesy Telenovela
The smell of the tamales cooking
Gooey cheese melting in my mouth
Sauce dripping down my chin
I remember the fun
Her smile warming me as find my body numb
I sobbed onto her shoulder, as she holds me in her embrace
Always on my side,
Through fake friends and bullies
We’ve truly seen it all
I can’t feel anything
It’s all in slow motion
How can this happen?
Could I have done something?
My eyes well up as she shouts, “Be strong!”
“Give her back!” I shriek, my sister holding me back, my voice breaks as I sob
“I love you!” she shouts as I feel truly shattered
“I love you too mama,” I almost silently croak
The van drives away, and through my teary eyes I read the back labeled “Undocumented Immigrants”
I turn to see my sister sobbing, as my mother had told us this day would soon come.
It’s the new United States, and they have just taken my mom.

The author's comments:

In this piece, I attempted to capture the emotion and mindset of a girl who's mom has been taken by immigration control. It is baffling how one order, from one person, can change hundreds of thousands of people's lives forever. Immigrants come here to seek a better life, taking that right away is unacceptable.

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