October 26, 2017
By shouphaley BRONZE, Clawson, Michigan
shouphaley BRONZE, Clawson, Michigan
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Do you notice
I forgive?

Forgive too much actually.
Forgive even when you said I mattered,
but your actions spoke louder than words.
I forgive so much it hurts, like I pour myself
into the word ‘Forgive’.

Do you notice
I give too many chances?

Like if you tried to drown me,
I’d still swim with you.

I give you an inch, and you’ll
take a mile.
I even supply how far you get.

Do you notice
I cry?

Like a lot.

I like to blame it on the Birth Control.
Because you get so use to playing ‘perfect.’
A women is suppose to be strong for males,
for if you cry you're seen as weak, a sissy,
A girl, a baby,
or my favorite line “on your period”.

Do you notice
I’m human too?

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