I don't know what to do

October 13, 2017
By jalvarenga BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
jalvarenga BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I don’t know what to do
I lost you and now i’m starting to lose myself too
I think about you no matter what I do
I look out over the view and think about all the fun I had there with you
I didn’t really mean to rhyme, but there’s so much I want to say and i’m running out of time
I wonder if I still come across your mind
Cause you live in mine as if you pay bills there all the time
I wish I could go back and rewind
If I could, I would and I wouldn’t hesitate to give you all my time
I’m in class right now and I think i’m about to cry
I just wiped my eyes so if someone looks they’ll see that they are dry
I remember we went to in n out and all I ordered were some fries
You looked at me and laughed so hard that tears almost fell from your eyes
I noticed most of my lines start with “I”
But that’s all I have left since you left me here for you to forget
Forgetting won’t be an option for me
When I look up, you’re all I can see
I’m not done with this poem but I know you’re done with me.

The author's comments:

A poem inspired by heart break.

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