Twisted Reality caused by those we trust

October 10, 2017
By Anonymous

I hear them,
The snake.
The shadow.
It slithering behind me.
Waiting then striking me.
One small mistake will make it grow.
One small wrong word, one wrong move, one wrong step will cause everything to come crashing down.

It feeds off our mistakes, the blame that get pin onto us.
Its your fault the adults shout at me.
If you have done your job correctly this wouldn't have happen.
Your worthless.
Your a stupid child!
Why even bother trying to help when all you do is cause nothing but trouble.
Your not my child.
They always say the same thing.

Every adult yells at us and gets away with it too.
Calling us negative words and destroying our self esteem till we have none left.
They call us out and leave us to rot knowing that we will bounce back from it all.
Like it wont ever leave a scar on our hearts.
Like it would never hurt us emotionally and trauma us into doing the worst of crime.
Killing ourselves because you couldn't do your job of helping us,
the kids who have to fend for ourselves to bounce right back.
The kids who have to act out their emotions that they became detach from to not worry anyone.
They kids you wanted to have only to blame us for your human fault.

Life is never fair and you take it out on us not even caring about how it would make us feel,
how it would effect us.
How it causes us to have that shadow stalking us.
Watching our every move,
our every word,
waiting to grow and strike us.
Ending our misery in its web of darkness that you have created from your hatred thrown onto us.

From your violent words and rude remarks as to how we are stupid and cant even fend for ourselves because we are nothing but kids.
Yet even if I were to scream for help.
No one will answer my call and save us.
Help us.
Free us.
Instead you would turn your nose away from our shrieks and cries of despair just like everyone else.
Like every adult who told us that lie of being their to help us when we needed it by us just asking.
You are no better than those who hurt us with their words by ignoring us and choosing to not help.

It hurts to see that this is the world you choose to paint for us when you were the ones who inspire us at a very young age to become something and reach for the stars.
Only to turn your head and betray our trust.
Backstabbing us and taking away our light of innocent for yourself to devour and have all to yourself.

I hope you monsters of a human adult are happy with the path you drove us down.
Because it was you who cause us to do the unthinkable and choose a life of despair and hatred to the world.

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