Life as a Teen

October 20, 2017
By Anonymous

Life as a teen isn’t all that it is made up to be
Long nights and early mornings melt days into weeks
Any breaks from homework and school is time spent catching up your sleep
Homework is long and fun is short
Pop quizzes and projects become popular like a sport
Time with your friends seems to pass by
While algebra seems to everlastingly tick by
Sometimes you struggle and sometimes you laugh
And often you follow down the wrong path
You make wrong choices and right ones too
And eat lots and lots and lots of food
Now while our life isn’t like movies or written like books
We still have our fun while learning to manage, write, and even cook
And while we are stuck in the middle and feel we don’t belong
We still love to sit and jam with our friends to our favorite songs.
Everyone’s experience is different, yes, that is for sure,
But life as a teen is definitely something we can all endure.

The author's comments:

Daily struggle in life inspired my writing. Hearing people say teens are not mature and grown up can get frustrating. 

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