October 20, 2017
By kittenswagg9151 BRONZE, North Little Rock, Arkansas
kittenswagg9151 BRONZE, North Little Rock, Arkansas
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Never dreamed? a nightmare???? would surface
Until the day u told me ur suffering ????from lupus

Ur rapidly fading away ????
On my knees for the Lord I pray????
Would it be selfish to ask for u to stay ????
Knowing the pain is growing everyday

I love? u I really do
never meant to take the last of u
All I'm going through I still find a way to smile????
As the pain simmers for just a little more while

Mommy when u go
I juss want u to know
I'll feel u in a wet drizzle???? to the fluffy white 'snow ??
I pray the lord not to take ????????
Ur soul before I wake ????
Seeing ur corpse will make me ache????????
Down on my knees as my body will shake????

Imma stay strong for u ????
One day I'll be up there wit u ????
Imma go to college and graduate  ???????? too
Everything I do will be for u

U tell me everything gonna be alright
But where u gonna be when I need u to hold me tight
U luv me in despite
Everything I do that ik ain't right!

When I close my eyes????
I hear ur wailing cries????
I read in between the pain of ur lies????
Feeling of emptiness when a luv one dies???? everywhere I look imma See ur face in the skies????

I hear u I really do
I juss wanna stay close to u ????
I'll call ur name and get no reply????
Never thought  My mommy would go bye-bye????

The author's comments:

M mom is suffering from lupus and I feel partially at fault dye to her getting sick after she had me!!

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