The Devide

October 19, 2017
By HunTerrible SILVER, Parker, Colorado
HunTerrible SILVER, Parker, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes you have to swim upstream to see the lake the water comes from"
-Hunter Ball

Welcome to the divide
Putting our pride before our people
Where unified is an afterthought

Brought down from the drought of conversation
Misrepresentation of the lot
Caught in the process of political agendas
And corrupt propagandas

With feelings being canned up inside
We are dried up and stored for later use
Left in the darkness of our opinions
No sign of truce

Like a spruce tree
We are so far above everything that isn’t like us
And even those who stand with us
Don’t have the leaves we do
And yet, even in the winter, all our pines choose
To fall off, leaving us bare in the aftermath of the heat
The heat of the competition,
The thrill of repetition
After all, we don’t lose
If we can’t hear the other side

We’ve been lied to, by ourselves
Our ego put on the shelves
A pedestal of achievements
And personal bests
But To them, participation awards
Won by our own accords
Along with every ounce of ego we can afford

We pour our soul into what we do
And yet it’s never a single drop for them
For them, we are the leftovers
The million three leaf clovers
In the field of life, and they have the extra petal
They are the ones on the pedestal
And we are thrown away
Left to decay
Maybe we should call it a ‘petal stool’

And until we so choose it
We stay there to this day
Because it isn’t where we were put that defines us

If we stayed in the same place, there’s a reason they undermine us
We confined ourselves to what we were told
We were sold eternal slavery
And it’s easier to accept it
Than to be the exception
But redemption is key

We must climb out, not beg or plea
For they never see the ones who whine
Only the ones who get themselves out
The ones that shout to victory
Their torment is history
And us?

We are still in here
Trapped under everything
Yet so far above everyone else
So It’s time we look up
And step down
For that is the only way we can climb out.

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