Existential Crises

October 21, 2017
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I feel like the whole world is crumbling and I’m just sitting underneath it with no one to hold on to and nothing to save me.

I’m smoking too much. I can’t sleep. My eating habits are weird. My stomach aches me.

My thoughts are all jumbled up. School sucks. Grades are slipping. Mind is tripping. Mind is expanding but grades are stagnant. The education system is so whack.

Why are we here?

They don’t teach you that in school, because no one really knows. I miss my dog. I miss my mom. Hell, I even miss my chores.

I feel like a piece-of-s*** person. I was so innocent. Why was I robbed from it? A question for my father and my father’s father and the father before him.

The music keeps playing. The birds keeping chirping. Time keeps running.

Pet Sounds, Budgies, Clockwork Orange.

I feel like the whole world is growing and I’m just sitting underneath it, with people to hold me and everybody wants to save me.

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