What is White Privilege

October 19, 2017
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It’s a thing that white people have but deny because it benefits them.
It’s when you can go to a school, shoot it up, and the public will consider you “mentally ill.”
It’s when a cop can kill an unarmed black person and get away with it because they “felt their life was in danger.”
“Hands Up Don’t Shoot.”
White Privilege
It’s a thing that people say doesn’t exist when it clearly does.
It’s when they tell us to go back to Africa when they brought us here.
It’s when we can be denied a job because of the color of our skin.
White Privilege.
It’s when white supremacists can walk the streets and attack blacks, and the president will call them very fine people,
But when blacks protests in the streets, we’re called thugs.
White Privilege
It’s when we get cornrows, we’re called “ghetto,” but when a white girl does it and calls them “boxer braids,” it’s a popular fashion trend.
White privilege is committing the largest shooting in American history and being memorialized as a country music fan.
But if it was a Muslim or an African-American man, they would’ve instantly been called a “terrorist or a thug.”
That’s White Privilege.

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