Prejudice And Hatred Covered In Orange

October 18, 2017
By RiyadKalamazad BRONZE, Valley Stream, New York
RiyadKalamazad BRONZE, Valley Stream, New York
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Its fake hair is faker than the promises it makes.
Condemning “fake news” because they tell the colluded truth of        its cynical past and present.
Tense it gets when faced with “current” predicaments which it            belittled others who were bewildered by for decades.
It triggers poignancy as it speaks, eats and breaths
It raises expectation for some, like a solid brick wall upon                  building.
But lacks the essence, the cement to hold it together.
Deceiving the poor minded into thinking that things will be

    “great again”
But instead made what was always great into a standup comedy      for the entire world
Instead of touching the minds of the children, it touches the            privates of the middle aged producers of children.
But it pleads not guilty. So it’s fine right?
“Locker room talk” right?
Its tedious speeches advocates partnership with the plain red          flag with the gold hammer crossed with the golden sickle
It gives us no hope.
It gives U.S no hope.
Our solidarity means nothing to it.
We are deported by it.
We are taken away from our families by it.
We are being discriminated against by it.
We are being threatened by it.
Our fellow disabled brothers and sisters are being made fun of         by it.
It does all of this, but 
Instead of it dealing with and addressing real world problems,           like the hurricanes, it tweets about why Colin Kaepernick             won’t stand for the national anthem,
A man who give those without a voice a voice.
A voice to dismantle the hatred of the supremacists and bring           awareness to brutality brought by the men and women who         sworn to protect us.
But back to the topic at hand, because police brutality and               Supremacists are not important anymore right? 

     “Both sides were at fault” right?
The irony.
It talks about the deaths in our neighbor’s land like no es                  importante. “Only 16 deaths”
It is sly, deceiving and belligerent, but who am I to judge it?
Will this make me, you or anyone a better person to judge? To           do exactly what it is doing upon us?
It is
    Malicious and

It is Trump.

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