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October 15, 2017
By Diana6002 BRONZE, San Jacinto, California
Diana6002 BRONZE, San Jacinto, California
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Having to walk this paradox
Called a hallway
Where once a feeling of misery
Was replaced with a sudden beating
The strange device which creates feelings
Inside of us
Was suddenly alive
Waves of feelings came crashing
Something I thought was impossible
Became possible
Your cherry red lips
Soft marble like eyes
Your skin which the sun kissed gently
Those honey colored eyes mixed with caramel...
I remember your voice
The voice that resembles
A symphony of angels
Where sweet sugary words spill
From you like water
Your words were like mercury
soft and poisonous
Your Boyish grin made me flutter
The sheepish timid look you gave
As you walked around
looking down at your feet
Innocently not knowing what to do
One day though,
When the cherry blossoms spring,
When the primroses give their
Blush of pride
Or when the moon dies down
To let the sun live another day
I will cross paths with you
My chocolate dipped eyes
Will meet across yours
Shakely but surely
Taking bashful steps
Our paths will cross

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