A Crush

October 15, 2017
By Anonymous

The mind and the heart have their own compasses
Don't underestimate them
They are determined to reach their destinations
Also, don't forget who controls their routes...their pathways to the final decision
Like a spark of flame, a crush exemplifies a sign of danger
A sign of unreleased confidence banging on the door to come out
A sign of longing
Whether to live up to the destruction the flame can cause is up to you
You are the protagonist of your actions
and like a sink, our hearts have the need to embrace love
we long for it, we want to be overflowed with appreciation
We see it, we acknowledge it, but the power to control it is not always there
A crush is not designed to last forever
It is designed to torture the heart and soul
To expand its limits
To push them to their absolute breaking points
"Can I really do this?" the voices in your head will ask
And the voices will keep asking and asking and asking
But the real answer lies behind the eyes
And a single breathe from our lips contains the word between self-regret and satisfaction

The author's comments:

personal experience

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