It Started with a Tree

October 15, 2017
By nkrachman210 SILVER, Moorestown, New Jersey
nkrachman210 SILVER, Moorestown, New Jersey
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It started with a tree. A measly tree, providing the children with shade. Daily, they would gather under her darkness and discuss the day. Then, they would play under the blazing August sun until their throats began to parch.  They would sip their icy lemonade and rest under her shadow.
Laughter would echo throughout the compact town, as the children had never felt happier. They would look up into her branches, and she would grin back at them. No matter the weather, the children would escape the world under the tree. Whether the rain boomed from the heavens, or the wind forced itself upon our world, the children would exit their homes and enjoy the wonder of nature.
This was twenty years ago.
Everyday, the tree stands, attempting to attract humans. She peers into the window and notices a difference in residence. The children are scattered, each positioned in a different location. And they don't notice the tree. That measly tree. The tree that used to provide shade to the children. The active children.
Slowly, the tree shrivels and hides in the soil.

The author's comments:

Children are no longer active. They do not explore the outdoors. 

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