October 15, 2017
By McKennaChristine BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
McKennaChristine BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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Discoloration of salmon and blues and ash
Stitches and dips
Full and lush lips
Curl up and wrap into crinkles like crow’s feet
Soft contours
Fall down and stand back up on stilts
Wobbly or certain,
Sliding up into pits and bends and curves
Lungs expanding and collapsing
like eyes after midnight and you
Valleys in hip bones
Stubby outstretched touches
Beautiful disasters pulled together
With crooks and arches and crescents and sweeps
Just empty frames
Filled by undeniable affections and uneasy breaths

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece during a writing class when the students were given one subject to write about: Objects. I had originally attempted to write about a candle, and then when that didn't work, a pair of beat up Converse. Both were mediocre, but when I thought of "objects", I thought of all the dimensions and shapes of people, the bare minimum of what makes humans human, which is our bodies. So, this poem was created.

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