Practice what you preach

October 17, 2017
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Practice what you preach
Does the shape of my eyes upset you?
Does my existence even matter?
Because these shadows in me that amuse you
They just make me sadder
Can I for once be treated as a person
Not as a wingman, or a beggar
Can you for once not worsen the pain
That society has implanted in me
Since day one

Can basketball tryouts not be about colour?
But about skill?
Because my hands may be small and my eyes too
But my dreams certainly aren’t
My love for the sport isn’t small
And I for sure know how to ball
Because I know for sure that a blind man
Would not try to see people from their outside
But from their inside, from their skill
I know that janitors aren’t just “chinks”
I know that immigrants aren’t just “Asian”
So why? Why marginalize me

You ask me what I want to be
When you can’t even see me for what I am
When I try to do something else
Besides math and science
You think that I’m lying
Because we all know Asian are only good for math and science
So what if our eyes are small, it helps shield us from the terrifying truth of alienation
The burning fury we Asians already have for the world
So what if we love math
And we love reading
Is knowledge such a bad thing?
You only want to be bring down someone if they’re above you
You talk about equality Mother America , about liberty and freedom.
But you still enslave and alienate the people who hundreds of years ago
Built your rail roads, infrastructure, and were expendable in every facet just as they are now.
You talk about the freedom of speech and what not,
Of “I have a dream” and “four score and seven years ago”
But you don’t practice what you preach.

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C9kitty said...
Oct. 18 at 9:30 am
there was a small typo
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