Forgive Me Mother

October 16, 2017
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Forgive me mother
For i have sinned
I regret believing i owned my sexuality
Because the other kids called me a slut instead
I regret believing i could be empowered by telling a man i deserved respect
Because he told me to stay in my lane instead
I regret believing i knew what was best for me
Because i often believe i have no greater enemy than my own mind
I regret judging you
But you have not noticed the way your beautiful lines and ringlets have been groped, broken, and twisted
And i won’t go back to sleep the way you remain with your eyes closed so silently
Repentance is upon me
But i consider whether the problem is me, or the morals impressed upon me
Then they tell me not to ask that question for it is a sin
Forgive me mother
For i have sinned

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