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October 16, 2017
By peachesmango123 BRONZE, Arburn Hills, Michigan
peachesmango123 BRONZE, Arburn Hills, Michigan
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I come from stars

I come from the stars, from high up

the ones you can’t see cause I’m awesome

I come from the light

I come from the Land of good 

I come from big minds so I think a lot

I come big hearts so I care a lot

I come from right and wrong so I care about respect a lot

I come from my own world so people don’t understand because I’m me

I come from a lot of keeping things to myself cause I can hold my words when needed

I come from trusting everyone to trusting myself

I come from a place of not understanding this world and wanting to know more about it

to growing up and wishes I’ve knew less cause this world is a mess it brings a lot of 

stress and especially the things they say you have to do  in order to live what’s next in

this lifetime everything is based off of a test and that seems to decide your future

I come from the land of  kindness, love and joy and real smiles and equality and justice

I surrounded myself with people who think the same and out the box

I believe in god cause the last thing

I would ever believe in is those who only believe in  power and money is the key to

I care about myself but

I was raised with people who taught me that caring for others and helping them god will

reward you past your wildest dreams 

The author's comments:

im not  professional just trying this out

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