Drug Rug

October 16, 2017
By joestew0223 BRONZE, Waukegan , Michigan
joestew0223 BRONZE, Waukegan , Michigan
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This is a drug rug it means alot to me it was gifted by someone who soon left me,  everytime i throw this on i do not see what society sees , another drug rug worn by just another drugie…..am i a lesser human being for a life choice? I am athletic i do regular people things so why is it when i wear this drug rug i feel lesser within, it means alot to me but for someone reason as soon as this material thing touches my skin i become this impure thing, a drugie wandering the street just worried about drug things. Someone who's dedicated to making poor life choices, a life that will most likely end from lethal overdoses. A life with no meaning for i am not a human being who woulda known a drug rug with decide who i end up being….

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem because it really bothers me that a clothing article can make someone sout out as something there not, and also the way people are treated or underestimated because of the way there seen as a person. 

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