808 & Heartbreak

October 16, 2017
By ElonMusk SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
ElonMusk SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Do you remember the cherry blossoms
On the lake by your house
The night was so airy and we got lost some
Everything seemed dead, quiet as a mouse
I looked in your eyes, falling in love with your grace
Your hair in my nose, my hand on your waist
Blood rushed to my head, and the words wouldn’t come out
You and I, we were meant to go far
I ripped out my heart, you showed me your scars
We used to lay back, listening to A$AP
Our bodies twisted as one
Counting the days until we would be among the stars
You and I, were never interested in fame
For it holds no appeal
You were trying to obtain, feelings that were real
I, well I was lost, looking for a way to heal
I gave it away, at what cost, for a girl with gold on her head
Every dollar I have saved up, I would toss
I was told that if I bled, my point would come across
Do you remember the cherry blossoms
Hanging sweet and thick in the night
I fell in love with you then, I think I was right
I told you that I needed you, my addictions were breaking through
I had no escape
But you
You were my saving grace
I lied when I said I needed more space
I lied when I said I was home that night
I lied to your face
Do you remember the cherry blossoms
I cried, you cried, pulling me close to your chest
Head in my hands, your breath on my neck
Tears leaving rivers of wetness
We had no idea what lay before us
You said how could we be together if there was no trust
I told you, my love outshone my lust
You couldn’t see the greed in my eye, just as there always was
For I needed a disgusting disguise, to win back my love
Do you remember the cherry blossoms
For I do when I look in your eyes
I see us together, side by side
Looking out at that dark water
Wondering when our love would die

The author's comments:

I got dumped dawg

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