October 13, 2017
By northturn SILVER, Daytona, Florida
northturn SILVER, Daytona, Florida
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I’ve heard of sailors
in the Erie,
Who dare Swear up and down
they heard a siren’s sound.

A melodic sound so enchanting,
There hearts did stop,
and attempt to turn ashore.

But the song I heard in their hearts
Is not that of mythical women
Or of evil temptation growing nearer.

The sound I heard that fateful day
Was one of boys young hearts
crying out for home

Crying out for the safety of mothers and fathers
Desperate to find some safety in the land
That is our primordial binky.

For when Odysseus heard the siren’s sound
He found it was not real.

He heard in that moment the truths of his men
Wanting only for the land and home
To escape the waves and endless fright.

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